Bourrienne Paris X, founded in 2017, reinvents the men's white shirt by reviving details from the past. It draws inspiration from the looks of yesterday and today, making this uniform the common denominator between past and present. The eight styles in the collection strike the perfect balance between originality and modernity.

The brand takes ownership of its single-product, monochrome approach by re-interpreting collars, bibs, and cuffs...

Self-made brand

A few months ago, entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder bought the Bourrienne Hotel, a forgotten gem of the Directory period.

He was fascinated by the building's history. He looked to the future when restoring it.

 In the era of salons, there was an intellectual circle that gravitated around this mansion. It included Talleyrand, Bonaparte, Chateaubriand, and Victor Hugo. Enlightened modern men holding debates in white shirts: a scene that inspired Charles with the idea for his next project. He decided to create a collection of timeless shirts, and placed this task in the hands of creator Cécile Faucheur. That's how the Bourrienne Paris X shirt was born.

A heritage revisited

Even today, the Bourrienne Hotel resonates with the vibes of the extraordinary personalities that used to frequent it. This sleeping beauty from a bygone age was only waiting for someone to rediscover her.

To pay tribute to this unique location, Cécile Faucheur designs pure, white, contemporary shirts. Six fitted shirts with a finely detailed finish stand alongside two more generous styles known as the "Bourrienne cut", with a longer shoulder line and gathers at the back.

 Each one has an embroidered Roman numeral on the left gusset. This is the signature of the style.

 Collars are restyled, cuffs reworked, period details reinterpreted.

The bibs evoke 19th-century romanticism whilst also embracing the dress codes of today. The bib of the VIII shirt, available in poplin or linen, is hand-made and then machine-sewn, pleat by pleat. Removable stiffeners with a pink gold, yellow gold, or silver finish add a touch of luxury known only to the wearer.